With Doctor PISTOR, the founder of mesotherapy, we have imagined the development of deep mesotherapy using needles of 10, 15, and 20 cm length, which could be guided by ultrasonography to treat deep organs (liver, pancreas, spinal region, fibrosis, nodular lesions, etc.)
Surface mesotherapy will be followed by deep mesotherapy using the non-invasive and non-surgical techniques that make up HYDRO-MESO-INFUSION to treat lesions.
In abdominal cancer, for example, in view of the impotence and dismay of surgeons faced with certain tumours, one could imagine either in situ, intratumoral or intranodular chemotherapy introduced externally, or simply the use of hypertonic saline solution , which could cause the cell membranes to explode on withdrawal of needles, depending on a concentration gradient that could be worked out by computer.  Adverse effects would be kept to a minimum since this is a physical procedure of “cellular destruction with cell death programmed and targeted from a distance”.
All these procedures will require a long and difficult process of clinical and scientific validation in the future to make them used and recognised by all.
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