The aim of International Association of Percutaneous Hydrotomy is to promote the care techniques by Percutaneous Hydrotomy, to improve the diffusion of the knowledge in this domain, to administer the training courses for these techniques, to enhance the research in Percutaneous Hydrotomy and to make the communications easier between medical practitioners, therapists and patients.

                                               President :
                                                Dr Bernard GUEZ
                                                 Nice, France

Percutaneous Hydrotomy is a medical technique consisting in intradermal or subcutaneous injection of sodium chloride 0.9 %. It also permits concurrent or secondary administration of medicines selected for their known pharmacological properties and with a specific treatment aim. The so-called hydrotomy cushion thus created provides a therapeutic base for the injection of substances used in a targeted way at the locoregional level. Injection may be performed continuously or discontinuously depending upon what is known as the tumescent technique.

Presently, many lectures in national and international meetings are done about Percutaneous Hydrotomy and this technique is daily used by many trained practitioners.
Studies are in progress in public hospital and in private practice.
Percutaneous Hydrotomy uses allopathic processes of conventional medicine in optimised efficiency and safety conditions (high dilutions and small doses), decreasing clearly medicine side effects thanks to their local administration. It also makes possible to treat the real causes of the disease on the pharmacological plan (hydration, micro-nutrition, detoxifiation, regeneration, vaccination).
Thus, a lot of patients noticed the disappearance of their affection thanks to Percutaneous Hydrotomy.
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