(Balance disorders, hearing diminution, ear buzzing)

Tinnitus are neurovascular manifestations linked with the innervation and vascularization of the ear area. Diffrent causes can be involved : arthritis (aging), mastoidea fibrosis, cervical traumatism, local infections or intervertebral disorder of C2-C3-C4 with joint pinch of nerve roots to the ear ('ear sciatica' ?)

Tinnitus results into perception of continuous or discontinuous nose in the ears, sometimes very disturbing for the patient with frequently a psychological impact.

Percutaneous Hydrotomy, with meso-chelation, create in mechanical nerve decompression at the origin of the cervical roots C2-C3-C4 for the ear with hydration of intervertebral discs and reinitialization of micronutrition and microcirculation on the neurovascular route to the ear. The treatment of cervical ganglion relays (plexus points) are also decisive to treat tinnitus.

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