The majority of inflammatory or infectious and recurrent conditions stem from an imbalance of the immune system (DYSIMMUNITY).  The ear, nose, throat, digestive, or intestinal mucous membrane becomes hypersensitive and hyperactive, leading to chronic inflammation with reactive mode (hypersecretion, oedema, pain, spasms…)
The technique consists of stimulating the immuno-incompetent mucous membrane in a controlled and systematised manner, and in such a way that its function is restarted by stimulating its immune defences with small quantities of non-specific vaccines for cellular mediation, and by regenerating it with vitamins and trace elements (vitamin B5, sulphur, manganese-copper-cobalt, and zinc-nickel).
Thus, in the course of treatment sessions, the mucous membrane can acquire a new immunological competence and a regenerated state that allows it to reactivate its self-regulation mechanisms; it can acquire a new immunity close to that of a normal subject, following sufficient immune retraining.

- Treatment of rhinitis-type allergies, rhinosinusitis, recurrent sore throats, asthma, bronchitis, gastritis, colitis or functional colonic disease.

In France, the disappearance of the RIBOMUNYL vaccine is a serious loss for patients.  The studies carried out used the form given subcutaneously on the arm, whereas its preferred therapeutic location is situated around the ear, nose, throat and respiratory areas; thus it was too far removed from its site of action to be effective. (Is it supposed not to have proved its effectiveness?)
We must remember that tens of thousands of practitioners have used it for more than 25 years in mesotherapy for its strictly local effect, with very great patient satisfaction.
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