Mesoinfusion makes use of the meso-infusion kit developed by Doctor Bernard GUEZ.  It could become the infusion of the third millennium by subcutaneous access, frequently replacing classical intravenous infusion.  (See Future Prospects: Medical Research into Hydrotomy).

Therapeutic advantages
Mesoinfusion primarily uses local or locoregional access and allows immediate and direct action in situ on the lesion zone with no deterioration of the active principles of medicines and metabolites, avoiding liver and kidney overload or a certain gastric, neurological or myocardial toxicity of certain products.  Here, the first filtration layer is the skin, with the lesion in the foreground.
On the technical level, note should be taken of the “practical” aspects of meso-infusion (no looking for veins), easy removal that can be carried out by the patient’s family or friends.  It allows us to, as-it-were, amplify the percutaneous hydrotomy procedure in time, making it more effective in complicated pathologies.  It may establish a future method for varied or specialised pathologies: hydration of the elderly, narrowed spinal canal, postoperative fibrosis, progressive arthritis with vertebral compression, vascular degeneration, shingles, renal insufficiency, Crohn’s disease, colonic disease, major burns, cosmetic medicine (cellulite), etc.

See  'Mesokit Perfuseur' technical presentation

       Multipoint (12 outflows) subcutaneous infusion device available at MESALYSE (www.aestheticgroup.fr/Mesalyse/Mesa_Catheters.html#)

^ Chronic lumbago with degenerative discopathy L5-S1 ^
Treatment of cervico-dorsal arthritis
with cervico-brachial neuralgia
v Narrowing of spinal canal v
v Treatment of two knee-arthritis v
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